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  • Distance Reiki Chakra Balancing 
    • I can connect to your essence through distance and give you a full healing and reading from anywhere in the world 
  • In person healing session
    • Visit my Costa Mesa, CA location for an in person Reiki, sound, chakra and energy healing 

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My mission is to help you achieve a state of joy and clarity by helping you emotionally heal through energetic healing. When we achieve the emotions of gratitude, joy and love our energy vibrates the highest. At these levels creative thoughts will flow more easily, there will be an ease of life, and manifestations will happen more quickly. Through energy healing and working with emotions, we can all achieve a state of joy and climb the ladder of ascension. 

About Me

Hi! I’m Jessica. Throughout my life there has been a strong knowing that there is more to this world than just the physical. At a young age I was healing myself intuitively, and only once I became older I realized what I had been doing on myself was energy healing. With formal training and certifications in Advanced Reiki master and chakra healing I have a goal of helping others heal and ascend. My certifications include Reiki I & II training by using the guidelines of the International Center for Reiki by founder William Lee Rand. My Advanced Reiki training was taught by Anne Reith PHD. 

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