"In our awakening process, we often realize that we cannot listen to certain music anymore that we used to love. That is because we become oversensitive to these frequencies. As our own frequency rises, we do not resonate with certain music tunes anymore. Music expresses the unseen rhythm and energies of the universe. Music is vibration put into sound so we can hear and feel it. Music and sound can change vibes and therefore   can be a major support in changing vibrational patterns. It can help to push old fears and energies to the surface for healing. Most of the music produced for the masses today is recorded on 440 Hz, which is a frequency in disharmony with the natural frequency on this planet and creates a constant disharmony with our body. 440 Hz supports the left brain (rational thinking, logic) while 432 Hz is opening the right brain (intuition, feeling). The introduction of 440 Hz as concert standard goes back into Nazi times. While 432 Hz music in general has a very calming effect and is perfect for relaxing and grounding – as it is in line with the natural frequency, music in 528 Hz is the heightened frequency of the heartbeat of the higher dimensions and of unconditional love. It is perfect to bring up old pain to surface to release it. Once you have cleared everything out, 528 Hz music is supporting to connect to the higher dimensions and to unconditional love."- The Wake up Experience EU


Participating in a Sound Bath is like one long beautiful meditative savasana. You are laying comfortably most likely with your eyes closed. You may even fall asleep while the tones of the cosmos are being played with crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, planetary gongs and chimes. These sounds may bring up emotions, good and bad. LET THEM OUT. Some sounds might anger you, might make you cry, might put you in sheer bliss. FLOW with it. We are meant to look our emotions in the eye and release them. 

In addition to sound healing I perform Reiki on all participants. You may or may not feel my presence working on you. I often get healing/psychic knowledge while performing this, feel free to ask me any questions after the session. 


Wear comfy yoga clothes 


  • Yoga mat
  • pillow
  • blanket
  • water
  • sleep mask (if wanted) 


Follow @SoundBathOC on Instagram or email for upcoming events. 

We are currently hosting healing soundbaths in Huntington Beach, California at Rise Yoga Studio. 

16582 Gothard Street Suite M. 


Darcy and Alice (DnA Sounds) are the amazing sound angels playing all sound instruments at the event. They have years of experience and study well before this became a "trend". They are guided by spirit at each event. Every event is unique based on who shows up and what spirit is guiding them to do. 

You can find out more about Jessica Adi on the About Jessica Adi page. 


Our Healing Sound Baths are $40. 

All payments accepted at the door.