Testimonials & Insights


“Getting my chakra reading was an enlightening experience. Meditating during my scheduled balancing was cathartic and overall enlightening. Jessica’s reading was accurate and helpful, I’m glad and will definitely be returning to work with her!”- Brittney P, East Coast USA 

"Wow! Jess performed a distance session on me and I could feel it immediately in my chest while she was performing Reiki. Her feedback was spot on! I am definitely going to do more sessions to work on my chakras that needed extra work. Thank you so much for your powerful work!!!" Janelle M, West Coast USA 

"[During the healing] ...at 7:19EST I felt heat in my chest region. [i've] never felt that before." L.W. - East Coast USA - Testimonial before client knew what was worked on (which was her heart) 

"Thank you so much for this. A lot of what you said makes sense... I will take your suggestions on the crystals. Thank you so much! - JCS, east coast, USA 

" I actually have a noticeable difference in my mood which is surprising to me" -JDK unknown region. 

"Over the years, I've had reiki done by different practitioners. Every session is different, even with the same practitioner. With Jessica, it was an in-person reiki session. There was a candle burning, angel cards out, and the scent of sage in the air. It was a peaceful environment. I was pretty tired after a social weekend in LA. During the session, it felt as though Jessica was literally touching me with her hands - especially over my abdomen. I opened my eyes to see that her hands were well above my body. I felt heat and a pulling sensation. It was a relaxing and energizing experience. She adjusted/opened all my chakras and pulled an angel card for me as well. The card was applicable to what was going on in my life. She also sprayed some delicious smelling essential oil spray over me that I wanted to simply lay in for hours. Haha. It was hard to get up and leave. I felt great after & really enjoyed Jessica's soothing presence. Thank you, Jess! I highly recommend you for reiki sessions of any kind" - Vanessa C. , USA 

"[while healing was being performed] ..I feel like I can breathe easier.. I feel calm which is rare for me..You addressed many of the issues I was dealing with and I am feeling much more balanced." - A.O.- West Coast, USA 

"While the balancing was being done I felt a heaviness in my chest and my body felt very light, then I felt so peaceful I almost fell asleep" Jackie, PA

"This is amazing, first i did  feel something in my throat while you were working in me. I had a headache and it went away, my overall feeling is of calmness and security. The fathers love (card pull)  is my Father that passed 3 years ago on 3/15, his name is Luis, but my mom always called him Ricky, that's the Richard you picked up... I can't wait to tell my friends about you." -DC- Miami, USA 

“Jess is incredible! She performed a long distance reiki on me and after sent me a detailed description of her findings. I couldn’t believe how accurate they were and how much she was able to read when we weren’t in the same place. I felt lighter immediately and was able to hone in on issues that I had been avoiding in order to balance myself out. She also provided some great recommendations to keep myself balanced and not clouded by small issues. Thank you Jess for everything!!”- Danielle B., USA 

"I've been sick and congested for the past week.  Until today I was hacking up yucky stuff, and this morning I haven't had to cough at all (so thank you). ...during the reading I don't think i felt anything in particular, but i did notice that i was super irritated all afternoon for no good reason and after the reading i felt kind of like a weight was lifted and mellow, like nothing was pressing on me.(What the card said) is something I've been trying to work on a lot lately (especially since being sick) and that is the perfect card!!!" Mikaela R., West Coast USA

"Thank you so much for your help with this... a lot of what you said does resonate with what is going on currently. I will definitely go out and purchase quartz and jade stones [to help keep my chakras balanced]" MR- unknown region